Monday, April 11, 2011

Items to come

Since Ebay has a limit on how much I can list on my account, please peep my ECRATER store for all the latest, greatest affordable goods :)

All items on the ECRATER store are secure and uses Paypal.  SHIPPING IS FREE WORLDWIDE :-)
My direct email is:

Here are items to come and can be reserved on a first come first serve bases:



The Snake Bit Ring.  I will have this ring in US size 6, US 7 and US 8.
Please peep:
These items will be added here always first.

I will be getting this ring in by May 2011 in 4 different colors.
In sizes 6, 7, and 8.


The rhinestone chain knot necklace.



Lil' Purse Necklace.  This item is currently in stock.

Reserve yours today:

I will also be adding several slave bracelets in the future + I have a killer handmade 3 of swords ring.
Thank you for you love and support <3
Always having the most wanted items first, I have the TIGER BY THE TAIL ^__^

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